To rate how hot guys and girls are

To rate how hot guys and girls are

I just don't understand how you girls rate it, So please tell how me how you do it, not what's inside but what's outside. Very similar to the way guys rate girls, it's often cues were aren't even consciously aware of like.. asked under Other. SOURCE Men have been using the trusty rating system to rate girls for what seems like centuries. Obviously a 10 is a knockout, and a 1 is something that should show up on the Discovery Channel. It’s as universal as the GPA scale or the dewy decimal Radio Now. it depends on the guy. Some guys are pickier than others, so they might rate what I rate a 7 as a 5 or 4, so it really depends on him. you could just ask what he rates other girls if you don't mind knowing, but if it bothers you then I wouldn't suggest it. He might be pickier and for most guys you might be a 8 or 9. Rate hard cocks, or upload pics of your dick and let girls to rate your cock! Get know how hot is your penis. Welcome to /!!!! The best site to have fun rating photos of people and find out how to follow them in instagram or twitter. Our site is % free! So have fun look around and don’t forget to bookmark us! Girls • LaceyStoleTheWorld • BabyPanda • amandasaurus • Brittnie68 • jennnna Guys • Duquette • DiGi7 • JONATHANTA3 • nobassnolove • 41nowitzki41 Rate People Girls • Rate Girls • Top Girls • Newest Girls Guys • Rate Guys • Top Guys • Newest Guys.

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Honestly, yes, it is a way for us to show off if you will, dating 's can give certain guys pride, dating below a 5 is typically viewed as deperation. Add Opinion. See more on IceFlopper 's profile. More guys are making fun of women are losing respect for their sex. Lots of guys just rate on looks.

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You'll see some of the hottest girls barely get to 6. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Don't let numbers get to your head. That's just me. If you bring any of the previous four girls back, good look not getting ripped on for at least a month.

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If he called you a 5 then it would be much more severe! And the sad part is, from time to time the four will be successful with her chase. Learn more. Usually a three has just one feature giant nose, freakishly tall, big belly, or no butt that turns off even the drunkest of males. You don't see a whole lot of "10"s out there. MrSuperMan Xper 4. No guy will turn down an eight, unless he is a legit ten himself. Kinda scared what I would be rated haha.

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