Skyrim over 60 fps webcam

Skyrim over 60 fps webcam

I am trying to do a benchmark of Skyrim V Elder Scrolls and when I am running fraps the Frames per second don't go over 60 FPS? I am running the game maxed out on my R9 x and the FPS is capped at I don't know how to turn off the cap! Is there maybe a Vsync option that I don't know of? My game is stuck at 60FPS and it wants to go over but it carries on jumping back to Jan 31,  · However, as soon as i quit the game and reopened it, it started running at a capped 60 fps again. I opened up FRAPS just to see, and it shows me that i'm running well above the 60 fps mark but i swear it's not as smooth as when it truly ran over 60 fps, you guys know that the eye can catch it. Oct 31,  · PC SSE - Discussion Possible fix to allow Skyrim to run on fps monitors (hs-360.orgmods) here's a list of all the bugs I know of that can happen from ORIGINAL skyrim when you go over 60 fps: Objects being flung wildly when loaded or lightly touched. Water and sun flickering. Jan 11,  · PC can't get 60 FPS on Skyrim? User Info: KittyRead. As for 70 FPS, I wouldn't consider anything over 60 FPS to be "stable" in any sense of the term with a Bethesda game, not when frame rates over 61 FPS or so have a tendency to cause clutter objects to randomly accelerate to the speed of light before killing hs-360.orging System: PC.

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This is getting ridiculous. Global Achievements. So im happy with my capped 60fps. That one tanks frame rate. Rhuto View Profile View Posts. But he who

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There aren't any great reasons for it to, but it does add up. Yes, the game. If you think this is bad, try running Unreal 2. Last edited by Astraea Kisaragi ; 3 Oct, am. He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind.

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Clock rolls around, save breaks after saving etc. I don't have a problem with 60 FPS as that is the best you can get but for benchmarks sake I don't know what to do? Have you tried turning on vsync in the options? Last edited by Peahatche ; 3 Oct, am. I acually have a rog swift capable of hz. When played above 60FPS the physics engine freaks out - I got a new Hz monitor and it is unplayable without a framerate limiter. Global Achievements. Change language. Below 8 :Total Garbage.

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