Pompeii volcano eruption 79 ad video webcam

Pompeii volcano eruption 79 ad video webcam

A good disaster story never fails to fascinate — and, given that it actually happened, the story of Pompeii especially so. Buried and thus frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the ancient Roman town of 11, has provided an object of great historical interest ever since its rediscovery in . The 79 CE eruption was preceded by a powerful earthquake seventeen years before on February 5, 62 CE, which caused widespread destruction around the Bay of Naples, and particularly to Pompeii. Some of the damage had still not been repaired when the volcano erupted. The deaths of sheep from "tainted air" in the vicinity of Pompeii, reported by Seneca the Younger, leads volcanologist Type: Plinian. Since AD 79, the volcano has erupted over forty times. There have been no eruptions since , and none of the eruptions after AD 79 were as large or destructive as the Pompeian one. Scientists believe a future eruption can be forecast 14 to 20 days ahead of that event.

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July 19, at am. Volcanic eruptions of this magitude do have a tendency of being rather obnoxious. I am disappointed at some of the criticisms here. As the ship was preparing to leave the area, a messenger came from his friend Rectina wife of Bassus living on the coast near the foot of the volcano, explaining that her party could only get away by sea and asking for rescue. BBC History.

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Given the limited space on each coin, his achievements were stamped on the coins using an arcane encoding. Tufts University Perseus archive. A good disaster story never fails to fascinate — and, given that it actually happened, the story of Pompeii especially so. Archive All posts by date. Hosted by.

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Marco says:. The Lives of the Twelve Caesars. University of Chicago. Simply some expected the danger to pass until it was too late. James Cowan says:. February 6, at pm.

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