Ian king astro imaging webcam

Ian king astro imaging webcam

Choosing A CCD Camera by Ian King. Modern day CCD camera’s used by amateur astronomers are amazingly powerful and capable devices. Placed at the prime focus of even very modest small aperture telescopes, a good CCD camera can produce breathtaking colour images that far outstrip anything that can be produced with a similar instrument using film, or that can be seen visually. Nov 07,  · Astrophotography & wide-field CCD imaging — Ian King November 7, Ian says he takes ‘pretty pictures with no scientific value’. Hmmm. Ian’s astro-photography images are stunning. If his pretty pictures don’t take your breath away then nothing about the night sky ever will. Astro imaging by Ian King. Ian King Imaging. Nik. Jun 07,  · Excellent service from both FLO and Ian King Imaging. Many thanks to Martin from FLO who put up with my impatience whilst waiting for the Moonlite to arrive from the states (it arrived today). Always polite and friendly even when they were neck deep in Stargazing LIVE orders. Also really pleased with the service from Ian. The Astro Imaging Channel is a group of avid astrophotographers who enjoy sharing tips and techniques for all aspect of astrophotography. Please join us live. © HitecAstro Making high quality astronomy products since Menu. Home; Products; Support; Where to Buy; Knowledge Base; News; Contact Us. Jan 31,  · From Webcam to Planetcam: Planetary Imaging on the Cheap It’s a question we get often. “What sort of gear did you use to capture that?” folks ask, imagining that I’m using a setup that. Welcome to Astro Imaging Live! We bring you only the best of the Astronomy Live Streams on the Web. We have P&K Spaceimaging, SkyTour LiveStream w/Marc Dantonio, and BillNY Skywatcher. Astroimaging equipment ranges widely depending upon the type of astroimaging. For example, using a camera to take star trails and meteors photographs require very little equipment. On the other hand, a CCD image of M galaxy requires a telescope, computer skills, imaging processing skills, etc.

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Of course this will partly depend upon budget, but we hope that this article will give the reader some insight into how to choose a CCD camera. Some of the easiest to obtain and best quality images are being taken by amateurs operating in highly light polluted locations using small aperture instruments and a CCD camera equipped with narrow band filters. Or sign in with one of these services. The bracket for the TMB was in stock but the Newt had to have a custom bracket made. He's excellent on all counts in my view.

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I agree he dose offer a very good service. He soon had the stuff I needed and at reasonable prices. Posted November 17, Sign In Sign Up. I spoke to Ian on the phone, and was immediately struck by what a friendly, helpful chap he is.

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I ordered them at 4 P. True to his word, my account remained untouched until the end of this week, and my focuser arrived on Friday, just in time for me to install it this weekend. See AutoStakkert. There are also dedicated entry level cameras that are quite close to webcams in term of prices. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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