Girls call me cute but not hot

Girls call me cute but not hot

I was just often call me 'cute' - do I have any chance with girls who call me this or is it essentially a sign that I'm being friendzoned? Sometimes I feel it's a tad patronising when they say it, but I guess it's better than nothing 'Kind' and 'cute' are kind of the two things girls call me. The difference between cute and sexy lies in how I react to a man. If he's sexy, I probably want to sleep with him based on his body and how he talks to and touches Bobby Box. Now I may not be too much of an Alpha male probably, but many of my female friends referring to me as "cute" certainly defies me of my masculinity O_o like wtf? Is it normal. Girls use the word "cute" a bit more often than.. asked under Girl's Behavior. I call girls that I think are cute, cute. There's certain qualities in a cute girl. For example, Ellen Page is cute, Scarlet Johansen is hot, Kiera Knightly is pretty. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I know lots of cute girls that I would way rather be with than the hot ones I know. If in gossip girls call you cute, you're in good shape. The difference between cute and hot when it's a more direct interaction is based mostly on how accessible you seem. If you are easy to engage in conversation and they don't think twice about starting a convo with you, you're cute. Sep 19,  · So most girls call me hot, but the other day i started texting an old friend of mine and she replied "aww your look so cute", why did she think I was cute? I am NOTHING like cute. I do not have a baby face at all, im actually really mature looking and have a chiseled complex with a tight scruff and dark edgy look with short spiked Resolved.

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It means you're "kinda" attractive but it's mostly your behavior they like. Share Facebook. Am i actually really useless? That doesn't mean you are the teddy bear type cute. KingJamesMann Ahhhh, he's 14 and thinks he's all grown up!

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Of course it's not weird, she's complimenting you. When a girl gets called cute it's a lot different than when a guy gets called cute lol. Beautiful and Pretty and Cute. Is that bad if I'm under 18? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Girls don't really say the word "hot" unless they are the preppy type. Girls say things like.. If by "universe" you mean "females". It's not weird or bad. It probably means you're about a on a scale of If a girl calls you cute? I don't know how they talk to you, but it's a compliment. Birthday party ideas for 17 year old girl? Being called cute does not make you less masculine in any way.

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