Fc3s drift alignment using webcam

Fc3s drift alignment using webcam

The Alignment As with standard alignment tricks, the alignment will be dependent on what you're going to use the vehicle for. Front toe-in keeps the car stable at high speed, so if you're going to be doing high-speed drifting, a slight toe-in will make it easier to control the car at speed. Polar Alignment Software. The following is a list of all the polar alignment software that I am aware of. Some are freeware and others are not. Obviously there could be others that I am not aware of. I intend to include more detailed comparisons, but in the short term, I hope that the following is useful. Jun 23,  · Page 1 of 3 - FINALLY! (Drift Alignment Tutorial) - posted in DSLR & Digital Camera Astro Imaging & Processing: I have finished the chapter on Polar Alignment, and I created a new animation that I think really demonstrates WHY the Drift Alignment method works, not just hs-360.org course theres lots of text, animations, and the Guiding Simulator, but the please take a peak at the . Aug 07,  · Guys, Murphys law, both my batteries have just died whilst spending the night to set the mount up usinng the attached guide, so time to post a question. Apr 14,  · Drift alignment is easily the most accurate method of polar aligning. I’ve tried polar alignment scopes, computer based imaging programs, and simply using a compass, but nothing short of a good drift alignment is good enough for the demands of imaging in particular. The Drift Alignment method is one way of achieving this. An eyepiece with illuminated cross hairs or reticle is needed for the Drift Alignment method. First perform a quick alignment using the . Sep 19,  · Check out our website! hs-360.org I'm also on Instagram! @he_Fullthrottlelife. As you get better, start using better rear tires. Alignment: This is one of the most varied areas of suspension tuning, but there are still some general guidelines. We need to keep the front stable and the rear loose. We tend to run almost regular grip driving alignment settings on the front. Front FC3S camber is around -2° to -4°.

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Drift measurement commences. WCS - 21 Euro with 30 day free trial. You may also try to measure using a star in the north or west, but then be sure to correct from green to red. The amount should be the same. You can use this information next time you drift align so you do not have to guess which way to make the azimuth adjustment. Posted August 7, Even if you are autoguiding, larger drift makes for more corrections and potentially lower guiding accuracy. Search this site.

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Open PHD Guiding. Having the note there reminds me that I need to turn the azimuth knob counter-clockwise to make the slope go up. After that, click the Correction button. Either by recording the drift of a star, similar to conventional drift alignment, or by comparing the position of stars within an image or through the eyepiece to a known database, as is the case with PoleAlignMax and Align Master. Why use WCS? New Release V2: If you upgrade from V1.

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After that, it assists you in achieving near-perfect mount alignment using the webcam display. First rotate the telescope's optical tube so that it is parallel to the equatorial mount's polar axis. Polar Finder - Freeware. If this is your first time adjusting Azimuth, you will not know which way to go--East or West? PHD2 does not know either, so you just have to guess, and you have a chance of getting it right.

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