Eve online stealth bomber ratting webcam

Eve online stealth bomber ratting webcam

Oct 03,  · 6) Add official EVE Killboard, with option to restrict view access to corp only, alliance only, or have everything for public view. 7) Create faction wars, with voluntary sign ups and great focus from the special "game events" team. 8) Add more unique environments to special systems of EVE (most populated systems or most fought over). Looking for stealth bomber / astero / stratios focused corp NEEDS FLAIR I then proceed to take my VNI through the Perimeter gate with the intent of ratting for the recent Drone event. Only computer game to ever give me an adrenaline rush / shaky hands was pvp in EVE Online. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I've been meaning to compile a list of the M3 corporation's bloggers but MushskiC beat me to hs-360.org I'm stealing it. With some amazing help from Rixx Javix, I have now added an m3 Blog Roll on the page you see now. m3 has an amazing 7 bloggers currently, possibly a record for any Corporation! m3 has also been a host to many other bloggers, so you can tell m3 is an active, vibrant and close-knit.

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Thursday, May 27, Um, You Might More active stock market to invest in, war bonds, etc, with market changes based on that NPC corp's status on the market and in the storyline. The current mod which lets you mine more is flawed as the barges don't have enough space for the ore D'oh , reducing cycle time would do the job betterer imho Dynamic agent mission, so bored of doing the same 10 missions Agent reward points and research points amass in the NPC corp, not in the agents. Maybe even pirates would group more after they start getting ganked running into a belt and finding a group of anti-piraters there that immediately web and scramble him. Ethan Tomlinson. Give us tools to stop people at midwarp between gates, planets, etc. I'd really like to see that be made to work.

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Hacking gates to disable guns Also think about how a suggestion could be abused. No new toys. Caethes Adain. Agent Missions Hi-sec ones, at least 6.

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Revisiting security and how low sec empire space works hot topic, eve-wide 3. Improve graphics 6. Research nuff said And how is the Juunijaishi colony? Quote: Plus, if you read the proposal, the cyno is only delayed if you decloak. Want Ads. More resources to fight for in the 0. Out of Pod Experience.

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