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Alpha fetoprotein test. Alpha-fetoprotein is used as a tumor marker to help detect and diagnose cancers of the liver, testicles, and ovaries. Tumor markers are substances made by cancer cells or by normal cells in response to cancer in the Health Jade Team 2. Apr 04,  · An AFP, or alpha-fetoprotein, tumor marker test—one of many different types of tumor marker tests—can help detect and screen for certain kinds . An alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test is a blood test that measures the amount of AFP present in blood. It’s usually part of what’s called a triple screen or quad screen in the second trimester of Author: Heather Ross. Alpha Fetoprotein Blood Test Results Explained Alpha Fetoprotein [AFP] is a tumor marker. It can be used to help detect and diagnose several different types of . Blood tests are also used to detect tumor markers, which are chemicals made by cancer cells. Examples of tumor markers include prostate-specific antigen or PSA (prostate cancer) and alpha-fetoprotein or AFP (liver cancer). However, tumor markers Author: Angelica Giron, MD.

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The laboratory has established a MoM cutoff of 2. However, only between 1 in 16 and 1 in 33 women who have abnormal results will actually have a baby with a birth defect. It only indicates that more tests are necessary for your doctor to make a diagnosis. Your next story: What Are the Symptoms of Leukemia? Imaging studies are often ordered with the Alpha Fetoprotein test to determine if there is a cancer and what stage it may currently be. Death usually occurs from complications involving these affected organs.

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Certain benign conditions can also raise these markers, but significant elevations or a progressive rise can indicate a malignant process. Do You Live with Anxiety? Therefore, all newborns have an elevated AFP level and levels must be interpreted with caution in young babies when evaluating for an AFP-secreting malignancy. The AFP results will help your doctor determine if you need further tests for these conditions. The scans can usually spot liver cancers if they are present.

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A positive screen does not provide a diagnosis, but indicates that further evaluation should be considered. Increased maternal serum alpha fetoprotein values also may be seen in multiple pregnancies and in unaffected singleton pregnancies in which the gestational age has been underestimated. There is also a very slight risk of infection at the puncture site. This blood test is an indicator test. On the other end of the spectrum, not every cancer produces AFP, so a negative result on this blood test does not exclude the possibility that a cancer does exist. This is because AFP is produced by a fetus. AFP levels are also known to increase when the liver receives trauma. If my alpha fetoprotein is abnormal, do I need other tests? Examples of tumor markers include prostate-specific antigen or PSA prostate cancer and alpha-fetoprotein or AFP liver cancer.

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